Past, Present and Future, the 3 Pillars of Time

We're all familiar with the past, present, and future—these 3 pillars of time shape our experiences and perceptions. The past is your history, the future holds your hopes, and the present is like a bridge between them. 

But what if there's a space, a realm of existence, that's even more powerful than the 3 pillars we all are very aware of? 

A place that isn't confined by the constraints of yesterday, today, or tomorrow. Let's venture into this captivating realm where understanding of reality takes a leap beyond the ordinary.

Past Present and Future

Past, Present and Future

The past, an unchangeable canvas painted with memories and lessons. It serves as your foundation, shaping your choices in your now, and future events. 

The future, a canvas yet to be painted, beckoning you with dreams and ambitions. It's the source of hope, fueling determination to stride forward. 

And then, there's the present, the fleeting intersection where past and future collide, where life unfolds in each breath. This is where all thoughts begin, right in your present moment.

The Leap Beyond the Ordinary

Now, imagine a space that isn't confined by these temporal bounds. This is the place of "BE" —a state that is beyond history's grasp, future's anticipation, and the instantaneous present moment. 

In this space, the noise of time fades, and the core of your existence shines. It's not a place in the traditional sense, but a state of consciousness where your truest self resides. 


The Power of "BE"

When you tap into this space of "BE," a remarkable transformation occurs. You gain clarity that transcends mere knowledge of past events or future possibilities. You’re not bound by regrets or constrained by anxieties. 

Instead, you're guided by a profound understanding of your true nature. With this clarity, your actions align effortlessly with your purpose, decisions become intuitive, and life's complexities seem simpler.

The Serenity Journey

Think about a moment, even a brief moment when you felt complete serenity —when the weight of the past and the uncertainties of the future vanished, leaving you in a state of pure “being”.

It is an inherent understanding, surpassing the confines of the present moment.

Recall the insights you gained and the feeling of calmness that enveloped you. Now, imagine deliberately accessing this state, not just in fleeting moments, but as a steadfast companion on your journey.

Going Beyond the Ordinary

What if you embraced the power of "be" more often? How might it change the way you approach challenges, make decisions, and interact with others?
As you contemplate this idea, embark on a journey of self-discovery, a quest to unlock a reality beyond the ordinary.

Powerful Space Within You

In the grand tapestry of existence, "BE" emerges as the thread that transcends the confines of time. It's a space where your true potential resides, where past, present, and future intertwine into a symphony of wisdom. 

As you navigate life's ever-shifting currents, remember that beyond the echoes of the past, the whispers of the future, and the noise of the present, there's a powerful space within you, waiting to be explored. 

So, when they ask how you did it, tell them, I Goaled It and tapped into the infinite power of "BE."

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