When the Law of Attraction isn't working for You

 I'm sure you've seen many posts on any of the Universal Laws on social media. The Law of Attraction is frequently used. Being used as much as it has. It's now become a very used Universal Law out of the 12 Laws of the Universe. If you're struggling with having the Law of Attraction work for you. This over-looked Universal Law maybe your answer.

The Missing Law

The Law of Vibration. This primary law states everything is vibrating energy. As Bob Proctor says, "we live in an ocean of motion". From the ground which you walk on, to the clothes on your back. It's all vibrating energy. Your own body is vibrating energy. Everything is vibrating energy. Everything vibrates on different frequencies.

If you understand the Law Of Vibration, you will attract more...

I love how Bob Proctor explains the Law of Vibration in this video.  

Understanding the Law of Vibration

The Law of Vibration is primary to the Law of Attraction. You must first be vibrating at the same frequency as to what you want to attract. The Law of Attraction will only then bring you what you are vibrating at. Regardless of what you may be saying or thinking. Attracting what you want is in your vibration.

Your Level of Vibration

You can tell how your vibrating by the way you feel. You even can tell how other people are vibrating, by the vibration or energy you feel from them. If you’ve ever been around someone that made you feel like, there is something “bad” or “off” about this person. You have just read/felt their vibration energy. 

This necessarily doesn’t mean they are bad, they’re just not at your level of vibration. You also put out a vibration of energy, good or bad. These vibrations are what the Law of Attraction uses. Your feelings are how you can tell what level of vibration you are at.

Do what makes you feel good!

Raising your Vibration

To attract the things you want, it requires you to raise your vibration to what you are wanting. There are so many ways you can achieve this. For instance, head outdoors and go for a walk. Being outside is very nurturing to the body. Better yet, walk in nature. Nature has a perfect vibration that really can make you feel good, just by being surrounded in it. 

Surround yourself with people that have positive aspects in them. Avoid spending time with negative people. When you hold your vibration at a higher level, the negative people in your life will seem to automatically disappear.

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